• What

    Pitch your business idea or concept for a chance to win $4,000 (across multiple categories) in seed funding.


    Congratulations to the 2017 winners:

    • 1st ($1,5000)- Abeona The Total Immersion Jacket
    • 2nd ($1,000)- Hermês: a Helmet with Brains
    • 3rd ($500)- Pop Style
    • 3rd ($500)- The Bean Bike
    • Social Enterprise ($500)- Gestalting Youth




    1st place undergraduate team moves on to the Entrepreneurship Education Consortium regional IdeaLabs competition!


    Check out an overview and pictures from last year!

  • When



    Applications due Tuesday, February 28th by 5pm (see below for application process)


    (Finalists will be selected out of the written/video applications to pitch in person)


    Finalists Notified: March 3rd


    Finalists Present: March 9th


  • Who?

    This competition is open to all Kent State students (undergrad, grad, PhD) regardless of major

    This competition is for new business ideas, started 1/1/16 or later.

  • Application Information


    Important Information:


    (Finalists will be selected out of the written/video applications to pitch in person)


    Finalists Notified: March 3rd

    Finalists Present: March 9th


    Part 1: Video Pitch

    Please create a 30-90 second video elevator pitch of your idea. You may use any website such as Kaltura, YouTube or Vimeo to post. (Kaltura video.kent.edu allows for unlisted videos. Please provide us with direct link if unlisted)

    Part 2: Written Application (Detailed questions at application link)


    1. What problem does your idea solve?
    - What problem are you trying to solve for your customers?
    - What specifically frustrates people about this issue?


    2. What people face this problem?
    - Who are the people who would pay to fix it?
    - What makes them especially susceptible to this problem?
    - What would stop these people from using your solution?


    3. Possible current solutions?

    - How are people dealing with this problem now?
    - Are they just ignoring it, thinking it can't be solved?
    - What are some other ways of approaching the problem?
    - What's wrong with current solutions that make it not ideal?
    - What makes your solution better?


    4. Channels

    - How would people with the problem access your solution?
    - Where do those people already shop, spend time, experience the problem?


    5. Need to succeed

    - What do you need in order to provide your solution, in terms of time, materials, talents, resources?
    - What do you already have access to?
    - What are some creative ways to get access to the other resources?


    6. Unique Value Proposition

    - How is your solution an improvement over others?
    - What makes your solution a "must-have" for the relevant audience?
    - How will you help your potential customers easily adopt your solution?
    - What's your "secret sauce"?


    7. Revenue Streams

    - How will you make money from this solution?
    - What other ways can you package or sell access to your solution?
    - Could you simplify your solution to be able to sell it more quickly?
    - Can you adapt your solution for different audiences?


    8. Cost Structure

    - What costs will you have to provide the solution?
    - How will you charge customers?
    - Don't for get about maintenance and upkeep, not just initial set-up costs


    (There is also space for optional supplemental materials)






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  • Attendees Welcome

    Not pitching, not a problem. RSVP as an attendee below for the final presentation March 9th!