• LaunchNET 2020 Idea Olympics

    $4,000 in Awards for your Venture!

  • What

    Pitch your business idea or concept for a chance to win $4,000 (across multiple categories) in seed funding.



    1st place undergraduate team moves on to the Entrepreneurship Education Consortium regional IdeaLabs competition!


    Apply now!


  • When

    Applications due Thursday, February 20th (see below for application process)


    Finalists will be selected from the written/video applications to pitch in person


    Finalists Notified: February 28th


    Finalists Present: March 10th

  • Who?

    This competition is open to all Kent State students (undergrad, grad, PhD) regardless of major

    This competition is for new business ideas, started 1/1/19 or later.

  • Application Information


    Important Information:


    (Finalists will be selected from the written/video applications to pitch in person)


    Applications due: February 20th

    Finalists Notified: February 28th

    Finalists Present: March 10th


    Part 1: Video Pitch

    Please create a 30-90 second video elevator pitch of your idea. You may use any website such as Kaltura, YouTube or Vimeo to post. (Kaltura [video.kent.edu] allows for unlisted videos. Please provide us with direct link if unlisted.)

    Part 2: Written Application (click to get to application)

    Numbered questions are asked on the application form. Questions below are meant to help stimulate in-depth answers to those questions.


    1. What problem does your idea solve?
    - What problem are you trying to solve for your customers?
    - What specifically frustrates people about this issue?


    2. What people face this problem?
    - Who are the people who would pay to fix it?
    - What makes them especially susceptible to this problem?
    - What would stop these people from using your solution?


    3. Possible current solutions?

    - How are people dealing with this problem now?
    - Are they just ignoring it, thinking it can't be solved?
    - What are some other ways of approaching the problem?
    - What's wrong with current solutions that make it not ideal?
    - What makes your solution better?


    4. What channels will you use to deliver your solution to customers?

    - How would people with the problem access your solution?
    - Where do those people already shop, spend time, experience the problem?


    5. What specifically do you need to succeed?

    - What do you need in order to provide your solution, in terms of time, materials, talents, resources?
    - What do you already have access to?
    - What are some creative ways to get access to the other resources?


    6. What is your Unique Value Proposition?

    - How is your solution an improvement over others?
    - What makes your solution a "must-have" for the relevant audience?
    - How will you help your potential customers easily adopt your solution?
    - What's your "secret sauce"?


    7. What are your potential revenue streams?

    - How will you make money from this solution?
    - What other ways can you package or sell access to your solution?
    - Could you simplify your solution to be able to sell it more quickly?
    - Can you adapt your solution for different audiences?


    8. What does your solution's cost structure look like?

    - What costs will you have to provide the solution?
    - How will you charge customers?
    - Don't for get about maintenance and upkeep, not just initial set-up costs


    (There is also space for optional supplemental materials)






  • Attendees Welcome

    Not pitching but want to see what the hype is about? Not a problem!

    RSVP as an attendee for the final presentation on March 10th, 2020. Registration to open soon!

  • 2019 Winners

    Thanks to all who participated!

    Provok Media

    first place: $2500

    Gregory Joyce, a senior Finance major, pitched transforming his clothing company into a full media company with a social mission.

    Togetherness App

    second place: $1000

    Public Health graduate students Tam Nguyen, Dania Mofleh, Anthony Coetzer-Liversage, and Joud Roufael used their experiences as immigrants to the US to put together their smartphone app to bring together a host of useful resources for those newly come to the States.


    third place: $500

    Amrth Ashok Shenava, sophomore Computer Science major, presented his smartphone app that could be used as a replacement for the university ID card, to address issues of loss and security.

    And a big THANK YOU to our judges!

    • DeLores Pressley, CEO of DeLores Pressley Worldwide and the founder of She Elevates™,  a non-profit organization created to empower young girls to become entrepreneurs
    • Symone Baskerville, founder of Kent Fabrics & winner of the 2018 Idea Olympics
    • Scott Bogoniewski, director, KSU School of Digital Sciences
    • John Myers, Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Mt. Union & Director of INCUBOX Incubator
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